Telephone Systems

We can supply the latest VoIP technology business phone systems revolutionising telecommunications.

As well as IT hardware, software, installations and support we can also install and configure the 3CX business telephone systems, the market leader in telephone systems.

The convenience of having your IT and telecommunications supported by the same company offers huge savings and provides you with a single point of contact for all your IT and Telecom’s needs.

It is no longer a specialist field delivered by Telecommunication Companies and has truly crossed over into the realm of the IT department, managing the service for the business, on windows servers alongside your existing IT infrastructure.

3CX VoIP Software runs on your existing Windows systems saving thousands on expensive wall mounted PBX boxes

3CX VoIP systems are 76% cheaper than ISDN and 34% cheaper that traditional analogue lines

Our 3CX VoIP system represents a major shift in how businesses must look at their telecommunications requirements and more importantly telecommunications provider.